La Fábrica del Taco

La Fábrica del Taco

Ricos Tacos

Nuestra Comida

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Super Pastor Tacos (Marinated Pork), Asada (Beef), Carnitas (Pulled Pork), Adobada (Pork & Chilli Sauce), Veggies and more.
Flavoured Waters: Jamaica, Horchata, Tamarind and Lemonade.
Tasty Appetizers: Mashed Avocado with Nachos, Cheese Tacos,
Crunchy Cheese and more.

productos 100% Frescos Sabor Mexicano Selección Nacional Tacorrido

Brought from there to enjoy here!
Capable of cuting, roasting, prattling, flattering and charging at the same time.

Echale Salsa

Experiencia Fábrica

Luchador Explosiva y de color

Santos, guirnaldas, lucha, pueblos magicos, Virgencitas luces neon,brillo y diversión, que recrean un ambiente festivo fiel al estilo popular de las taquerias mexicanas!

Sabor Corazón y Raza
Calaquita bailando
Calaquita Bailando

La Fabulosa Vida de la Fábrica

Echale un Ojo

Tacos sonrisas

Balero Trompo titere taquero
titeres niños

We return the Taco to where it belongs,the Barrio.
We take to emerging communities
the joy of La Fábrica del taco.

Prensa / Press

  • Forbes:

    “There may be successful business that are founded on a great idea or a great opportunity. There may be businnes that exploit a market niche. There may be whom put down roots of their business betting on technological innovation. But until now no entrepreneur has recognized that the cornerstone of its business model was based on three letters, something that protagonists of this story call THE WOW EFFECT!. But this is the way things are. When four creative agree on a business plan unexpected things can happen.”

  • Lonely Planet:

    “You might just feel like you’re back in a Mexican beach town at this very casual, colorful taco joint. Authentic Mexican cooks hover at the front grill, slapping together those tasty and familiar tacos (al pastor, carne asada, pollo con queso, vegetariano). There are even aguas frescas de tamarindo and jamaica. Chimichurri (sauce made of olive oil, garlic and parsley) on the menu, however, brings you back to BA.”

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Baez 246. Tel: 4776-5084

El Taco NO discrimina Tiempo y Espacio, por eso NO TOMAMOS RESERVAS. Te esperamos!

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